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"Doubt is the mother of discovery. We make sure that we clear them up by offering the best solutions".

Scientific dissemination

Activities and projects dedicated to the advancement of science

Scientific leisure and free time

Science camps, children's play centres, shows, games and workshops.


Calls for proposals and grants for the promotion of science and technology

European Projects

Coordination and partnership in the Erasmus+ and Horizon programmes

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European Projects

What do we do?

To the professionalisation of scientific communication and dissemination, providing the value of the experience generated, tailored to each need, person, group and/or entity.

To find the most optimal way to tell science in order to improve its accessibility by creating a two-way communication medium. The public needs to understand how science impacts on society and how social culture influences it.

Objective of each project

Mission, vision, values


To make the scientific message accessible. Convey a professional environment for the resolution of technical issues. Suggest that the services provided will be more satisfying for clients because of the association of science with the improvement of everyday well-being.


Experience in science communication and solid scientific training. Quality, equality, sustainability, responsibility, rigour, management and tailor-made design.


To transmit that science is one of the pillars for citizens' decision-making and public policies. We want to ensure the creation of a scientific community that guarantees equity and inclusion, as well as the development of educational capacities and opportunities.

Added value

We create tailor-made products for the client using non-formal and informal learning methods (gamification, escape games, creative and cooperative workshops). Special care is taken in the creation of content and the tools used for its subsequent dissemination and exposure.

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