"Design your own escape game", a great success in Quinto de Ebro

Our training course "Design your escape game" was a great success in Quinto de Ebro! This town in Zaragoza welcomed us with open arms on the nights of 6 and 13 July to give two sessions of this educational and innovative project. Aimed at young people aged between 14 and 18, the initiative is part of the summer leisure program of the town council of this municipality.

In the first session, we explored the concepts of "game" and "gamification" and then moved on to a practical part called "Timescape". The participants were divided into teams to try to solve the enigma of the briefcases... before they self-destructed!

On the second day, we delved into the term "escape room" and how to design one of our own. The session ended with "The Titan's Rescue", a game of wits against the clock in which teams have to solve the clues left by a thief to his accomplice to open the place where the loot is hidden: the TITAN!

Sounds interesting, doesn't it? In addition, several of the tests are related to nanotechnology, so attendees learn new concepts while enjoying a fun time with all their senses activated.

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