Scientific leisure and free time

At Esciencia we have a wide range of activities:




Science becomes a spectacle when its mysteries are revealed. Science is pure show when its little secrets take over the stage to shine for the general public. Science is astonishment at the precise moment when its creators decide to give it the limelight it so richly deserves. Dear spectator, just worry about admiring, enjoying and learning with us!


Are you looking to unleash your imagination and creativity? In that case... dive into our workshops with us! We assure you that the time will fly by as you make the most of it by showing off your ingenuity. Crafts, inventions, experiments... You'll learn new things that you surely didn't know before. Let science surprise you by trying it out for yourself!


Exhibitions are one of the best ideas for visually informing the viewer. And all good information must be accompanied by graphic material to explain the content in a complete way. This mix is fundamental in science, as the most complex and technical arguments must be configured in such a way that they are accessible to all types of public. You will see that our exhibitions will not disappoint you, so don't hesitate to take a look!

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